Industrial Information Systems and Environment

Our Current Research

  • On-Demand Transportation
    • On-Demand Transportation (ODT) is a new transportation system where buses move according to reservations of users. The biggest feature of this system is that users can appoint departure and arrival time. ODT can treat demands which need to keep time such as hospital reservation or transfer in a station. ODT system is introduced in over 30 towns and cities.
  • Three dimensional point cloud processing
    • A lot of point cloud processing technology problems in accuracy evaluation and machining method reformation of huge components using laser scanner have been solved.
  • Robot tank system
    • Automation of tank experiments and integrated management of multimedia data obtained in them have been developed to make up a suite of software system and experimental facility.
  • Informatics for historical study
    • The system to support historical study on Yuzuru Hiraga Digital Archive has been developed with the Semantic Web approach. Accumulating information and findings as metadata enables users to manage resources efficiently and machines to read them.
  • Informatics for Learning Management
    • The improvement of the quality of education in universities has been highly required recently. Learning Management System (LMS) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been attracted attention as tools for those demands.Our laboratory has proposed an optimal education cycle.
  • Project design
    • Our target is team working process in manufacturing and system engineering field.The methodologies of designing and evaluating team working were developed by using discrete event simulation, optimization technique, data mining and socio-technical approach.
  • Knowledge management
    • There are too many documents which are stored as Powerpoint. But, this knowledge of documents are not reused. So, our laboratory develop system which can reuse knowledge of documents by using Metadata to improve business operations.

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