On Demand Buses constitute a new form of transportation wherein passengers book buses on demand. This novel form of transportation gives passengers they rather unusual sensation of being able to do something that's never been done beforeónamely, reserve buses on demand, and get on or off at bus stops of their choosing. Until now, people have complained that cars are more convenient or that you cannot use cell phones on buses. Now there's no excuse to not give On Demand Buses a try.

The On Demand Buses developed by Tokyo University and Hiekata Laboratory have the following three characteristics.

1. Low cost: Because they are the first shared-server system to be used in Japan, they provide transportation service at low-cost.
2. Automatic: Creation of operation times, bus dispatch instructions, and reservation handling were previously handled by operators, but now they are performed automatically by computer. Moreover, buses arrive on-time, keeping to the arrival time set at the time reservations are made.
3. Progressive:  This system can read a caller's voice, and the system continues to evolve. When a new service is introduced, because of the shared server architecture, no cost whatsoever is incurred when making the addition.